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--Teaching Reading To Your Preschooler
--Becoming a Reader
--Talking and Listening
--Reading Together
--Learning about Print and Books
--How To Choose Books For Your Preschooler
--Preschooler Reading List/Booklist
--Preschooler Reading List/Booklist 2
--Reading Tips For Reading With A Toddler
--Early Efforts to Write
--Reading in Another Language

--Baby Talk
--Books and Babies

Importance of Reading Skills Articles
--Importance of Early Reading
--Importance of Summer Reading
--Importance of Critical Reading

Stages Of The Reading Process
--Early Reading Programs 1
--Early Reading Programs 2
--Best Practices For Teaching Early Reading Skills

Tips For Teaching Reading Decoding Skills

Recommended Home School Remedial Reading Program

AOP! The Ultimate Homeschool Experience!




Tip For Reading With Your Toddler

Make Reading Part of Every Day.
Read at bedtime or on the bus.

Have Fun.
Children who love books learn to read. Books can be part of special time with your child.

A Few Minutes is OK.
Young children can only sit for a few minutes for a story, but as they grow, they will sit longer.

Talk About the Pictures.
You do not have to read the book to tell a story.

Let Your Child Turn the Pages.
Babies need board books and help to turn pages, but your three year-old can do it alone.

Show Your Child the Cover Page.
Explain what the story is about.

Show Your Child the Words.
Run your finger along the words as you read them.

Make the Story Come Alive.
Create voices for the story characters and use your body to tell the story.

Ask Questions About the Story.
What do think will happen next? What is this?

Let Your Child Ask Questions About the Story.
Use the story as an opportunity to engage in conversation and to talk about familiar activities and objects.

Let your Child Tell the Story.
Children as young as three years old can memorize a story and many children love an opportunity to express their creativity.

Adapted from Reach Out And Read


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Sign Language For Babies And Beyond

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*How to use sign language to develop reading skills
*How you can communicate with your baby much earlier
*How children make the transitions from gestures to signs to speech
*The benefits of utilizing sign language in children who have speech-delays or special needs.

Download And Receive These 6 BONUSES FREE:

FREE BONUS #1 - Video Demonstration of over 250 Signs
FREE BONUS #2 - E-mail Consultation to help you get started
FREE BONUS #3 - Free e-book: How to Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours
FREE BONUS #4 - Free e-book: Sign Language for Babies and Beyond
FREE BONUS # 5 - Free e-mail course: Setting Effective Rules and Consequences For Children
FREE BONUS #6 - Quick Reference Guide that will show you pictures of the signs.


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